General English Courses


General English Courses

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About This Course

American Alaska is pleased to offer general English courses for all. The English programme at ALA will help you hone your skills and increase your confidence in using the English language in both professional and individual settings.

Who needs this General English Course?

  • People who are new to the language and have an interest or requisite to improve their basic communication skills
  • People who are weak in speaking the English language and would need to improve their communication in different scenarios of their everyday life
  • Homemakers who would like to learn communicating effectively for their day to day requirements in English.
  • People who have to improve their fluency in communicating in English for their daily life.
  • People who want to improve spoken english qualification

why you should learn to speak in English

  • English communication/ This spoken english qualification increases your career level
  • English speaking/ communication skill people give more respect
  • Spoken English communication would be easiest travel and communicate all over the world
  • All over the world 80% people read, write and watch movies in English
  • English communication or spoken English qualification make social community friends
  • English communication qualification would help to improve Technical presentation

Course Prerequisite

The syllabus for the Basic English course is based on a preliminary assessment and qualifying for Pre-Intermediate Level.

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