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French is spoken across 29-40 countries worldwide)

Learning French is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself this year. No matter where in the world you live, if you become bilingual, you’ll be able to access amazing opportunities in your professional life and meet incredible people that will change your life forever. On top of that, if you enjoy travelling, you’ll be able to get by much more easily in the more than 29 countries where French is spoken, which include places like Canada, France, and Senegal, and get to know the fascinating francophone cultures more in depth. On the other hand, if you’re not planning on leaving your country anytime soon, speaking the language will allow you to connect with the many French tourists who travel around the country and learn about their traditions, which can be a really interesting way of expanding your knowledge of the relationship between French and Indian culture as well as socialising with members of the foreign-born community.

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