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About This Course

The IELTS Academic/General Test is for people applying for higher education or professional enrollment in an English-speaking environment. It reflects some of the attributes of academic language as well as language proficiency and assesses whether you are ready to start your study, work, or training in the so-called field.With the help of IELTS, you will be able to migrate to a number of overseas countries.

Why consider American Alaska for IELTS Preparation?

  • Learn from TEFL certified Trainers who are experts in the domain, with close to a decade of training experience
  • Gain detailed insights on test format and components
  • Learn how your test is assessed by IELTS Examiners
  • Grab the opportunity to develop your exam techniques & strategies to maximize your band Score
  • Drastically improve your Listening, Reading and Writing Skills
  • Gain insights into common mistakes
  • IELTS Training course benefit from Mock Tests for each module and get feedback on improvement
  • Benefit from the personalized approach of our trainers
  • Flexible Schedule (weekdays & weekends)
  • A free placement test and demo class
  • Free practice material

IELTS Training course in Academic

Specifically, the training program reflects all the features of the academic language and prepares the student for the IELTS Academic test version. Consequently, it assists the students in applying for higher education or professional registration in English-speaking countries. top rated ielts institute in dubai,ielts scores,IELTS training as well.

IELTS General Training Course

IELTS Training course reflects all of the features of the General language. In addition, it prepares students for the IELTS General Test version to support them in seeking work or settlement in English-speaking countries.

IELTS Training Course Learning Outcome:

Following successful completion of the IELTS preparation training course, the student will be able to improve their listening, speaking, writing and reading skills. As a result, it can help individuals explore more things and grasp problem solving skills for the future.

Who needs the IELTS Training course?

Though anyone can take this course, it is usually undertaken by individuals for a purpose, such as, student visa or for immigration to different countries. Indeed, the IELTS certification is accepted in almost all the developed states. Specifically, governments in Australia, UK, New Zealand and Canada,  accept IELTS results for proof of proficiency in English.

Detailed Course Content

IELTS Preparation Course content focuses on four elements:

  1. – Listening
  2. – Reading
  3. – Writing
  4. – Speaking

Below is an elaboration of the four elements that can improve your English Language skills for the future.

Module 1 – Listening

  • Introduction
  • Understanding Sections
  • Knowing question types
  • Identifying keywords and synonyms
  • Get the skill of paraphrasing
  • Predicting the type of answers
  • Listening Strategies:
    • Pre-Listening: Using Audio Instructions and Predicting
    • While Listening: Being Ready to Hear and writing While Listening
    • Post-Listening: Checking and Transferring Answers on the answer sheet
  • Practice IELTS Tests with Trainers’ Feedback

Module 2 – Reading

  • Introduction
  • Understanding Similarities & Dissimilarities between General and Academic versions of IELTS.
  • Knowing Sections/ Paragraphs
  • Learning question types
  • Identifying keywords and synonyms
  • Grasp the skill of paraphrasing
  • Techniques to find the answers fast & accurately
  • Time management
  • Reading Skills:
    • Scanning: Identifying specific information
    • Skimming: Understanding the general idea by going through the text quickly
    • Intensive Reading: Reading carefully
  • Practice Tests with Trainers’ Feedback and Answers Explanation

Module 3 – Writing

  • Introduction
  • Comprehend Similarities & Dissimilarities between General and Academic versions of IELTS.
  • Recognize Tasks
  • Understanding Assessment Criteria to know how to get 9 band score in IELTS writing
  • Writing Visual Lecture Presentations & Discussion to avoid common mistakes
  • Grammatical Range & Accuracy
  • Vocabulary
  • Practice Test with Trainers’ Feedback

Module 4 – Speaking

  • Introduction
  • Understanding Question Parts
  • Get question types
  • Sense Band Descriptor to know how to get 9 band score in IELTS Speaking
  • Fluency & Coherence
  • Lexical Resource (Vocabulary)
  • Grammatical Range & Accuracy
  • Pronunciation
  • Practice Tests with Trainers’ Feedback
  • speaking section,standardized test,ielts preparation and English speaking

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